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The Wall Global is a Two-dimensional projection of everything that is valued by humanity and a single individual.

The Wall Global

The Wall is being built as a two-dimensional representation of the humanity’s most significant cultural products open to your contributions. This space is divided into fragments, each linked to an NFT token. A wall fragment has slots for an image, a link, and some text.

A Wall fragment is a digital asset that can be sold, given as a present or lent.

Once purchased the fragment is owned forever. The ownership is recorded in the blockchain as an NFT token. Fragment ownership is lifelong and recorded in blockchain.

A vacant fragment can be purchased at the offering price of 200 MATIC.

The implementation of the blockchain-based project makes the Wall areas a digital asset, the security of which is ensured by the reliability of elliptic cryptography. Each area or cluster of areas has a set of attributes, including:

• title – short text description;

• tags – a list of tags that define the categories which the entity or concept associated with the area or cluster belongs to;

• link – link to an external resource;

• images – an array of images, which are layers that are rendered when the Wall is displayed in different resolutions (zoom scales), allowing the user to implement multi-layer art objects.

The Wall has a fixed limited size at any given time point. In the beginning, the size is 1000 x 1000 areas. This is necessary to ensure that the Wall space is filled evenly. As the project develops, the size of the Wall will increase with new areas being sold by smart contract at a fixed initial placement price, while the value of previously created and filled areas will be determined by the market.

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Synergy of Art, NFT, and Virtual Realty

Conceptual Difference

We consider The Wall Global primarily an art project, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to the Wall’s initial content. We immediately endow the Wall with artistic value, and we realize that in the modern world, technical implementation is not highly estimated by a ROR method, as a rule, while tokenized art objects can cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars:

Main Features

Premium areas

At the level of smart contracts, The Wall Global has implemented the concept of a «premium area», which is characterized by the fact that transactions are not subject to the Wall’s commission fee.
The premium areas are the center areas located within the 200×200 square. In addition, any newly created area becomes a premium area with a 0.1% chance. Implementing randomness at the smart contract level is not a trivial task. During the development of The Wall Global smart contracts, we came up with a unique two-phase random number generation algorithm, which was successfully audited by the Callisto Security Audit Department. The algorithm calls for the initial uploading of the H(S) secret hash, after which the premium feature of the newly created areas is associated with the p = f(H(S)) secret still unknown to the smart contract. Areas become premium after uploading the S secret directly, while the smart contract controls that the uploaded S secret has the previously uploaded H(S) hash. Thus, the used algorithm for generating a random number excludes the possibility of excessive use by all participants of the process, namely by users, project owners and miners.

Central Part

One of the most challenging tasks of The Wall Global project was the development of the central part of the Wall. We have set ourselves a truly titanic task of reflecting everything that is significant for humanity in the central part of the Wall: personalities, great scientific discoveries, works of art, music and literary art, architectural structures, and very much more. We have been looking for an artist who can bring our idea to life for over a year, and this is what we’ve got.


Multilayeredness support is the most important feature of The Wall Global, allowing the user to do different rendering depending on the scale of the Wall display selected by the user (zoom in and out of the Wall). The principle of multilayer operation is clearly demonstrated in the picture.

Stakeholders, or Who is it For


Initial offer of the Wall areas sale at a fixed price

Commission fee for the implementation of sale or areas lease transactions.

Development of interesting content of artistic value and its subsequent sale.


  • Buy a vacant wall fragment at the fixed offering price of 0.1 ETH
  • Wait until the price of the purchased fragments grows
  • Raise the price of your asset by posting interesting content
  • Lend or sell your wall fragments to get income!


  • Buy or rent a wall fragment
  • Post advertisement and assign the right tags
  • Be on trend and acquire new customers for your business!


  • Draw a wall fragment, send it to us and go through a selection process
  • Get a wall fragment for free to place your artwork
  • Sell your artwork to collectors to earn money!

Regular users

  • Buy or rent a wall fragment
  • Share the link to your wall fragment with friends on social media
  • Invite your friends and earn money together!

How to Use The Wall


Install Metamask Wallet for secure interacion with TheWall smart contract


Find vacant wall fragments and buy them at the offering price of 0.1 ETH.


Post your own unique content


Share the link to your wall fragment on social media


Invite your friends and earn money together!

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More Features

Image storage

The Wall Global smart contracts support two options for storing images: in the blockchain or BitTorrent. Storing images in the blockchain is an expensive option but if the user wants and needs to store them in this way, nothing can prevent from doing it. If an image is stored in BitTorrent, the Images attribute must contain a BTIH link to the image file.


In order not to reduce the value of The Wall Global as a blockchain project, we have excluded the possibility of interference with the attributes of user-owned areas and clusters, in other words, the user can post any information. However, The Wall Global public website does support masking areas and clusters containing information that violates legal requirements. At the same time, anyone can deploy their own copy of the Wall website, which will display all the information uploaded to The Wall Global smart contracts without сensorship.

Third party NFT support

The ERC-721 standard for NFT tokens has been in existence for many years, and during this time a large number of blockchain projects that issue their own NFT tokens have been created. The Wall Global is a universal container for any third-party NFT tokens, allowing users to display any NFT they have in their area on the Wall, whether it is a hand-drawn painting on OpenSea or a crypto cat.

Secondary market

The Wall Global provides an attractive secondary market for areas and clusters. The smart contract supports the transfer, sale and leasing of user-owned areas and clusters.The Wall NFT tokens are implemented in accordance with the ERC-721 standard, which makes it possible to place the Wall tokens on other platforms for trading NFT assets, for example, OpenSea.


The Wall Global has a number of mechanics that contribute to the socialization of project users and, as a result, create a network effect of attracting new users. Having an overall owner rating for the Wall areas creates a competitive effect, encouraging users to buy more areas. It is also possible to share information about the ownership of areas on social networks as well as sending a referral link. The Wall Global smart contracts automatically reward a user from each purchase of attracted referrals

User Interface




 Alex Tew conceived and brought to life the original idea of The Million Dollar Homepage.


The project team gains experience in implementing blockchain projects, including the Prover project designed to create a technology for confirming the video content authenticity based on blockchain and video analytics.

4Q 2019

The concept of The Wall Global was developed to implement the idea of selling pixel space using the blockchain technologies, the domain was purchased.

1Q 2020

The Wall Global smart contract system was developed for the Ethereum blockchain, an independent audit of Callisto Security Audit Department smart contracts was carried out.

3Q 2020

Backend for indexing transactions of The Wall Global smart contracts developed, API was implemented.

1Q 2021

Frontend for provision of access to The Wall Global for users was developed.

2Q 2021

Creation of art to fill the central part of the Wall as well as outlying areas, initial markup of thousands of areas, assignment of unique descriptions, tags and links.

3Q 2021

Project’s  public launch, sale of the Wall areas to users – interaction with the Wall is carried out by users through the Metamask application.

4Q 2021

The Wall Global NFT tokens listing on leading platforms such as OpenSea.

1Q 2022

Creation of a Telegram bot that publishes information on transactions on the Wall’s secondary market (purchase and sale, lease) on The Wall Global channel.

2Q 2022

Implementation of The Wall Global mobile application to provide access to the Wall for mass users who are not familiar with the blockchain technologies.

2Q 2022

Development and implementation of a strategy for global scaling of The Wall Global project.


Implementation of the new generation social network , The Wall Social, on the basis of The Wall Global. Integration with popular messengers, for example, Telegram, the implementation of the possibility of monetizing areas by placing ads in them.


Project founder

Ilya Svirin

• PhD in Information technologies
• Founder and head of the Nordavind Group of Companies; techpreneur.
• Founder of the PROVER project – the technology for confirming the video content authenticity.
• Founder of the MagicChain game project.
• Author of numerous publications on information security, software science and blockchain.
• Blockchain evangelist, programmer.


Company: Nordavind Middle East FZE
Address: Al Shmookh Business Center, One UAQ, UAQ Free Trade Zone, Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E.
Founder:Ilya Svirin
CEO: Ilya Svirin

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